2018 Minutes

Below are the Minutes for meetings of Eardisland Parish Council held in 2018. The Clerk’s Information Sheet can also be seen, if one was available for the relevant meeting.

You can download and read copies of scanned signed minutes by clicking on the link, the file will open in a new browser window. If you wish to see an unsigned pdf  of minutes that can be read by a screen reader, please contact the Parish Clerk by email parish.clerk@eardisland-pc.gov.uk

You will need Adobe Reader which you can download here.

EPC Minutes 22 November 2018

Clerk’s Information Sheet November 2018

EPC Minutes 10 October 2018

Clerk’s Information Sheet October 2018

EPC Minutes 6 September 2018

Clerk’s information sheet September 2018

EPC Minutes 9 August 2018

EPC Minutes 19 July 2018

Clerk’s Information Sheet July 2018

EPC Minutes 7 June 2018

Clerk’s Information Sheet June 2018

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 23 May 2018

Clerks information sheet May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting 10 May 2018

Clerks information sheet April 2018

EPC Minutes 26 April 2018

EPC Minutes 12 April 2018

EPC Minutes 15 March 2018

Clerks information sheet March 2018

EPC Minutes 15 February 2018

Clerks information sheet February 2018

EPC Minutes 25 January 2018

EPC Minutes 11 January 2018

Clerks information sheet January 2018