Agenda and Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

The next meeting will be on Thursday 10 Februuary 2022 at 7.00 pm in Eardisland Village Hall and the agenda will be available here 6 February.

If you wish to attend the meeting as a member of the public, please contact the Parish Clerk ( or 07789 322771) for the requirements for attending, due to ongoing Covid restrictions and requirements of the village hall.

The dates for PC meetings are on the second Thursday of the month, unless otherwise stated. The dates for 2022 are now as follows:

10 February, 10 March, 14 April, 12 May, 9 June, 14 July, 11 August (if required), 8 September, 13 October, 10 November, 8 December (if required) – format of meetings, whether virtual meetings by Zoom or face-to-face will be decided month by month.

Minutes for 2022

The Adopted Minutes, with the relevant  accounts appendix and briefing papers, are provided as PDFs that can be read by a screen reader. The signed Minutes, provided as a scanned PDF that cannot be read by a screen reader, can be accessed here.

You can download and read copies by clicking on the link. You will need Adobe Reader which you can download here.

– Please note these are unadopted draft minutes which may be amended before being adopted at the next meeting

January 2022

Clerks information sheet January 2022

Minutes for 2021

December 2021
EPC Minutes 9 December 2021
Appendix for 9.9.21
Clerks information sheet December 2021

November 2021
EPC Minutes 11 November 2021
Appendix for 11.11.21
Clerks information sheet November 2021

October 2021
EPC Minutes 28 October 2021
EPC Minutes 21 October 2021
EPC Minutes 14 October 2021
Appendix for 14.10.21
Clerks information sheet October 2021

September 2021
EPC Minutes 9 September 2021
Appendix for 9.9.21
Clerks information sheet September 2021

August 2021
EPC Minutes 2 August 2021

July 2021
EPC Minutes 15 July 2021
Appendix for 15.7.21
Clerks information sheet July 2021
Document for agenda item  Vision final PC and CC

June 2021
EPC Minutes 10 June 2021
Appendix for 10.6.21
Clerks information sheet June 2021

May 2021
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Minutes 6 May 2021
Appendix for 6.5.21
Clerks information sheet May 2021
DRAFT Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 6 May 2021– Please note these are unadopted draft minutes which may be amended before being adopted at the next Annual Parish Meeting in 2022

April 2021
EPC Minutes 8 April 2021
Appendix for 8.4.21
Clerks information sheet April 2021

March 2021
EPC Minutes 11 March 2021
Appendix for 11.3.21
Clerks information sheet March 2021
Drainage check map and report 25.2.21

February 2021
EPC Minutes 11 February 2021
Appendix for 11.2.21
Clerks information sheet February 2021

January 2021
EPC Minutes 14 January 2021
Appendix for 14.1.21
Clerks information sheet January 2021
Notes of Project Working Group 7 January 2021
Precept increases for £25k, £40k, £50k and £100k loans at 8.1.21

Archive minutes

Adopted Minutes and relevant documents for 2019 that are screen readable, can be accessed from the main menu. Please contact the Parish Clerk for Signed PDFs that cannot be read by a screen reader or Minutes from earlier years.

If you wish to see earlier Minutes, please contact the Parish Clerk on or 07789 322771.