Coronavirus Help and Information

This page will be updated regularly. As the government advice, requirements and initiatives for help are being updated daily or even more often, please use the links below to see the most recent advice. The rest of this page will concentrate on local initiatives and information and general advice on keeping active mentally and physically and interacting safely with others through various media. Please contact the Parish Clerk via email if you have ideas that can be shared with other parishioners.

Keep safe, keep well and keep in contact.

Update from Herefordshire Council about phased re-opening of schools

058 – School Phased Returns

Help with domestic abuse

Warning about Covid scammers

Victim Support – Advice for Individuals – Scammers and Fraudsters

New Herefordshire Council web pages with information on latest data, help with paying Council Tax and rent, staying at home, working from home, local services, links to latest health and government information and many other useful links

Update by Taurus to Herefordshire Council relating to ‘shielding’:

People who believe they fall into the shielded category should register on the site and tick that they have not received the letter.  These lists will be passed to practices sometime this week or next for practices to then review and confirm if they believe these patients are shielded or not.  They will then contact those that are to confirm.  This is national guidance which practices have been asked to follow.  

In addition to this, there are many patients that may be in this category but are on the list that Wye Valley Trust (WVT) is currently collating – practices won’t be aware who these patients are from a search on their GP systems.  WVT are writing this week to all of their patients so this should resolve some of people’s queries.

Links to local initiatives and information

Useful information about Herefordshire Council’s WISH programme, go to Leominster area for more detailed information

24.3.20 Read a letter to Parishioners detailing the Parish Council’s response to Covid-19.

We need Volunteers to help vulnerable people and we would also like to hear from you if you need help. The letter above gives contact details.

Visit the Eardisland Village Facebook page.

Herefordshire Council has set up a response programme which you can volunteer for, though it will link straight to the parish response.

People wishing to volunteer can register and vulnerable people needing support can register on the following link:  Talk Community Covid Response telephone number:  01432 260027 Email address


The council’s Economic Development Team delivers a service called the Marches Growth Hub Herefordshire.  This online service offers FREE support services for all local businesses.  There are a number of government supported initiatives that can potentially help businesses through this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

If you are a business wishing to have further information on Covid-19 then the details of the local support are available on the Marches Growth Hub Website –  Alternatively if you wish to discuss with a member of the Economic Development team please contact 01432 261758 or 01432 383633 or 

Ideas for keeping healthy and active

Access help for parents with schooling and activities

Lots of ideas from this link



Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 864 3858 2949   Password: 777684






Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus crisis

More ideas of things to do

·         Indoor scavenger hunt – great idea for kids to entertain them around the house or create one for the garden or use just colours or choose a letter of the alphabet. Once they’ve collected them all, part of the game is then to return them from where they found them!

·         Covid-19 Care cards – In these times it is useful for us to thing each day what we have been grateful for and find joy in the small things. These cards give a focus and can be shared with others.

·         Coping Calendar – 30 actions to look after ourselves and focus on

·         Fence removal – I’ve been seeing this more and more across social media and think its great way to connect with your neighbours and have a face to face chat whilst also still practising social distancing.

·         Green Card in Window – Another great idea is to have red and green cards displayed in the window. Green – I’m ok. Red – I need help with something. This really helps if not everyone is connected on social media.

·         chrome-extension://gphandlahdpffmccakmbngmbjnjiiahp/ Why not find some free colouring books

·         Plant a sun flower – watch it grow and maybe compete with neighbours/family who can grow the biggest. Something to nurture and hopefully be in full bloom when we are out of lockdown.