Eardisland Flood Response Plan (EFRP)

Following the flood on 21.1.21, a review of how the EFRP worked has been undertaken and some changes have been made.

  1. A Controller is needed to act as a point of contact for Volunteers and parishioners to ring – this role will be undertaken by Wendy Cross. Ring 01544 388725 during a flood event only if you need to get a message to a Volunteer, a parishioner or a member of the Management Group. At all other times please contact the Locality Flood Warden for your area, details below
  2. The road barriers and road closure signs need to be placed as soon as the Environment Agency warning is received, to stop people driving into the village and getting stuck in flood water
  3. The road closure barriers will be placed by the caravan park drive on the Leominster side. There will be another warning sign further out by Kingfisher House
  4. The road closure barriers will be placed between Meadowmead drive and 30mph signs on the Pembridge side. There will be another warning sign close to Legion Cross junction
  5. On Burton Lane, access past the barriers will be possible to Burton Firs, Keilcroft and Old Pearmain only, no access to Eardisland village
  6. An update document for the Plan will be published shortly – giving details of change/additions of Volunteers and the above information.

We still need 4-6 more parishioners who are willing to volunteer  and take an active part in the parish flood response. We need residents who do not have major flood issues themselves and who are fit and able to undertake physical jobs to help those who are vulnerable eg. lifting furniture, cleaning out after flooding etc.

Please join this vital parish response. Please contact the Parish Clerk by email parish.clerk@eardisland-pc.gov.uk to volunteer.

The full Plan is available here Eardisland Flood Response Plan November 2020 v3

The Locality Flood Wardens and their areas are given below, followed by the contact details for the Response Team Leaders.

Area 1. David Cope – 01544 388317. From Moat Cottage to School Lane, Church Lane up to and including Holmlea (15 properties)


Overbush Cottage

School House

The Old Vicarage


Bowling Club

Stephens Cottage


Moat Cottage



Annexe at Viner Lodge

Church Cottage

Viner Lodge


Area 2. Phil Milchard – 07767 781073. St Mary’s Walk and village end of Church Lane from Bardufoss to main road (24 properties)

1 St Mary’s Walk

The Niche

6 Church Road

2 St Mary’s Walk

The Nutshell

5 Church Road

3 St Mary’s Walk

The Noggin

4 Church Road

4 St Mary’s Walk

The Nutmeg

3 Church Road

5 St Mary’s Walk

The Nook

2 Church Road

6 St Mary’s Walk

The Nest

1 Church Road

7 St Mary’s Walk


Church Road

8 St Mary’s Walk



9 St Mary’s Walk

1 Threshing Barns


10 St Mary’s Walk

2 Threshing Barns


11 St Mary’s Walk

The Dairy


12 St Mary’s Walk

The Oast House


13 St Mary’s Walk



Area 3. Hugh Vernon – 07801 584351. Lyme Lane (16 properties)

Lime Cottage

2 Lyme Green View

Hinton Manor

The Old Barn

1 Lyme Green View

Hinton Manor Bungalow

The Oaks

Lyme Green

Meadow Edge

Crab Tree Cottage

The Granary, 2 Lyme Farm

Monks Cottage

Flat 1, Lyme Farm

Lyme Cottage

Arrow Green

The Granary, 1 Lyme Farm



Area 4. Richard Davies – 07734 488382. From bridge on Leominster side to parish boundary, both sides of road; Arrowbank to Bridge House (19 properties)


The Granary

Kingfisher House

Arrow Cottage


Yewtree Cottage


Staick House

Kirby Hall Cottage

Bridge End


Stonelea Cottage

Bridge House

Arrow Lea

Little Orchard Farm

1 Arrow Cottages

Bridle Goose

Lower House

Staick Cottage



Area 5. Shelley Connop – 01544 388148 and 07790 377165. Broome Lane from Mill House to Twyford (16 properties)

Mill House

Pren Bungalow, Folly Farm

Little Folley

Arrow Lawn Cottage

Folly Farm

The Folley

Arrow Lawn

Brick Barn, Folly Farm

Little Broome


Wisteria Cottage

Broome Farm

Broomlane Cottage

Flat, Folly Farm


Heybridge Farm



Area 6. Sandy Ross – 01544 388604 and 07765 042264. Central area from river bridge west to and including The Elms and The White Swan (21 properties)

The White Swan

Shop Cottage

The Bungalow

Adlen House

Shop House

The Old Smithy

The Cross Inn

Old Shop House

1 Arrow Barns

Court House

Glanarrow Cottage

2 Arrow Barns

Bridge Cottage


3 Arrow Barns

Riverside Cottage

Glanarrow Mill

4 Arrow Barns

Millstream Cottage

The Elms

The Manor House

Area 7. Stuart Staples – 07971 075206. Orchard Green to The Hawthorns, including 1-4 Green Elms (19 properties)

The Bramleys

2 Orchard Green

8 Orchard Green

The Hawthorns

3 Orchard Green

9 Orchard Green

Orchard Cottage

4 Orchard Green

1 Green Elms

White Cottage

5 Orchard Green

2 Green Elms

Brick Cottage

6 Orchard Green

3 Green Elms

Orchard Farm

7 Orchard Green

4 Green Elms

1 Orchard Green



Area 8. Tom Pritchard – 07975 952292. Green Elms (apart from nos. 1-4) and Haven Drive (23 properties)

New House

12 Green Elms

19 Green Elms

5 Green Elms

13 Green Elms

Green Lane Cottage

6 Green Elms

Annexe, 13 Green Elms

Annex at Green Lane Cottage

7 Green Elms

14 Green Elms


8 Green Elms

15 Green Elms

Victoria House

9 Green Elms

16 Green Elms


10 Green Elms

17 Green Elms

The Willows

11 Green Elms

18 Green Elms


Area 9. Keith Knight – 01544 388246. Knapp House to The Sycamores (17 properties)

The Latchetts

Appletree Cottage

2 Glebe Cottages

Toad Hall

The Burcott

3 Glebe Cottages

1 Lynch Cottages

The Sycamores

4 Glebe Cottages

2 Lynch Cottages

West End

Thistlewell Cottage

Garden Cottage

Earlslaen House

Knapp House

The Old Post Office

The Old Workshop


Area 10. Ben Woodcock – 01544 388976 and 07952 871160. Orchard Cottages to Westgate, Lynch Court and Burton Lane (16 properties)

2 Orchard Cottages



1 Orchard Cottages

Old Pearmain



The Brouch

The Hay Barn

Redgate House


The Granary

Tadpole Cottage


Lynch Court

Burton House





TEAM LEADER – Shelley Connop – 01544 388148 and 07790 377165


TEAM LEADER – Reg Curtis – 01544 387662 and 07720 805310