Parish Council Policies

The parish council has a number of policies and documents to regulate its work and processes. These are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary throughout the year. The policies and documents relate to the following: Financial management; General administration management, including the Code of Conduct; Employment of staff, contractors and volunteers; and Data management, which are found on the GDPR page via the link below.

Documents below are adopted but not signed so they can be read by screen reader.

Signed copies of policies and documents which cannot be read by screen reader can be accessed from the adopted and signed polices page.

Financial Management

EPC Financial Regulations November 2022
EPC Electronic Banking Policy November 2022
EPC Risk Register and Actions May 2022
EPC Financial Regulations May 2022
EPC Expenses Policy July 2022
EPC Internal Audit Policy July 2022
EPC Asset Register November 2022

General administration management

EPC Standing Orders October 2022
EPC Councillor Code of Conduct May 2023
EPC Email Policy November 2022
EPC Complaints Procedure June 2022
EPC Councillor Officer Protocol June 2022
EPC Minor Planning Matters Policy June 2022
EPC Relations with Press and Media Policy June 2022
EPC Grants Policy September 2022
EPC Large Grant Application Form September 2022
EPC Small Grants Application Form September 2022
EPC Environment and Sustainability Policy April 2023
EPC Communication Policy November 2022
EPC Unreasonable Complainant Behaviour Policy June 2022
EPC Declaration of a Biodiversity Emergency April 2023
EPC Declaration of a Climate Emergency April 2023

Employment of staff, contractors and volunteers

EPC Disciplinary & Grievance Policy September 2022
EPC Equal Opportunities Policy September 2022
EPC Health and Safety Policy September 2022
EPC Sickness and Absence Policy September 2022
EPC Staff Appraisal Policy September 2022

For data management policies, go to GDPR page